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Tired of paying never ending high prices for cable Internet, TV and phone? There are solutions for you.

At satuit4me we can provide guidance and also provide services for your transition. Services such as installing Cable Modem, Streaming HD devices, Routers and setting up WiFi.


Scituate for example has one option for Internet and that is Comcast while other towns also have Verizon FIOS. Verizon FIOS is NOT available in Scituate. Verizon offers DSL which is much slower than cable internet.  Comcast offers various tiers of Internet speeds. Given the rental cost of a cable modem it really makes sense to purchase your own modem as the ROI is less than a year typically. At satuit4me we can provide guidance and install your customer owned cable modem


There are a few choices for watching TV. Streaming is a great option to watch your favorite shows, sports and movies.  With a streaming HD player, you can decide which channels you want and only pay for the movies and shows that you actually watch. Local TV channels were a concern if your completely remove your TV cable service but most of the streaming services are now offering local channels.  You can also use an Over the Air (OTA) antenna to watch the local channels. A clear line of sight to the towers that broadcast OTA stations is necessary and obstructions such as trees can cause interference.


A few options for phone service. Moving from cable telephone or dialup phone service to alternatives can save significant money. One option is to utilize your cell for all phone needs. In the case where you don’t have a solid cell signal a booster can be implemented to improve your reception. Another option is to use VoIP phone service. We recommend and use Ooma phone which works well and is very inexpensive.

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